Monday, June 7, 2010

Fessing Up

First the update:

I'm pleased to say I've made it through my midterm. A real milestone! Now I will be getting into practicums and the real nitty gritty of my career preparation. I'm excited to be this close to a work-from-home career which will have a significant impact on our family's financial well being.

I spent the weekend with all my children home, that makes two in a row with The Oldest, who apparently does read my blog because she came home prepared to make fudge for Bananas (my 8 year-old daughter). The children are all excited to be having a tea party tomorrow.

We are watching David Copperfield (BBC version) while the Oldest is home. This is my favorite Dickens book though I've never seen the movie. So far, as holds true with most BBC adaptations of the British Classics, it is a well done film. I may need to add a copy of this to my collection of favorites.

I still have not finished my book, because I was pressing to get through my midterm. I have gotten about halfway and it is still lovely. I guess I won't make the meme this week, and I will have to shoot for next. Also, since I had a singular focus this week, our family project has not progressed beyond the template. Not a single entry has gotten into the blog, hopefully that will happen over the next couple of days!

Now the Confession: The Oldest tells me that I left a few things out of my "chores" post of a few days ago. Namely the behind-the-scenes negotiations and bribery that occurs, often when they think I'm not listening. Well, I never said they were perfect, haha, just that the system works, for the most part, and pretty well. Negotiations, bribery, dealing with manipulation and scammers, peer pressure and bullying, well they are important life skills! And where better to learn such life skills than in the safety of your home? is just life in a large family!! Is that better, dear?

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