Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Not to Wear

I came across an interesting article today .

The article advocates modest dressing for all, and I am a fan. If you think of the range of fashion options as being marked by the swing of a pendulum, I've come close to both ends, though not to the far extreme on either side. I would consider prostitutes and some shock-value rockers as the extreme on the immodest end, and puritanic-style dress as the extreme modest. I don't really have any issue if people want to dress extremely puritanical, it just isn't for me. But it does offend my sense of propriety to have to look at the barely-clad who excuse their immodest dress by saying that it is too hot to keep covered. This article is very well written and advocates modesty for all without promoting extremes.
Incidentally, I was looking for a picture to go with this article, and happened upon this one when I googled, "Fashion Faux Pas" My thought: I'll say!! But, this photo does convey the point about immodest fashion without actual nudity or body bulges.


Moderate Means said...

That picture is hilarious! I love that they turned modest into over-the-top with just 2 well-placed accessories :)

The link for the article doesn't bring anything up, though. Just FYI :)


Lily said...

Thanks, Stacy! All fixed! I'm not quite sure how that happened!

Esme said...

This is potentially the ugliest sweater I have ever seen.ALthough you know she was paid good money to walk the runway with it on.

Mary Bennett said...

LOL!!! I'm not even going to comment on that sweater! : P okay, I commented on it. I couldn't help it.