Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have had a super-dee-duper-dee-busy week already, and it is what? Tuesday? Yes, it is only Tuesday! Well, it is only going to get busier, I fear.

First: Updates!

Yesterday's funeral Mass was beautiful, awe-inspiring, sad and joyful all rolled into one. I've never been to a newborn's funeral before, and it was a whole other level of sadness with incredible joy also in the mix. You see, this is where my Catholic faith just seems to blow me away. Through all the sadness and tears, the priest managed to bring joy and hope to all present. This sweet baby, Mary Katherine, was born on Our Blessed Mother's birthday last week. The priest talked about how perfect that was, as Mary carried Our Savior knowing he would be sacrificed to God. My friend carried her baby knowing she would have to give her back immediately. Yet, she gave that child the only life she could. That baby survived in her womb, lived in God's grace, fulfilled God's plan for her life, because her family was willing to make that painful sacrifice, and give her back to the Lord on the day she was born. The priest talked about having an advocate in Heaven now. What a comforting thought. That baby is still part of our Church, just not the Church Militant.

But for all that hope and joy through the tears, when the lone pall bearer, the baby's father, carried that tiny casket out of the church, I was never so filled with admiration and such complete grief simultaneously. It was a beautiful, poignant, and tear-filled memory that will stay with me always, and brings me to tears just to remember. Please pray for Mary-Katherine, and her family.

#2: Husband's job went well the first day. Praying the second, third, and all the rest go as well.

#3: My meeting yesterday went very well, and though I cried through the beginning part (it was immediately following the funeral) we managed to bring some hope for the future to our family. Thanks be to God for this tremendous gift.

What lies ahead:

Today is the first day of school here. It is a bit off kilter. I'm not fully prepared, but prepared enough to begin. By week's end I hope to have hit my stride, therefore all things blogger must be second, third, or perhaps even 4th priority.

I have a blog award I am thrilled to have received, last week, and I have not had the chance to do the post and accept yet. To Cheryl, who awarded me, I thank you and the post is coming, though maybe not until next week at this point.

Off to wake the troops who were scheduled to be up 30 minutes ago! So much for the first day running on schedule...


Mary Bennett said...

This post blew me away. (((HUGS!!!)))

J.L. said...

I know for me, having a funeral Mass for my baby was one of the few things I was able to do for her. The most amazing thing happened during the Eucharistic Prayers. Our priest was singing it and I got this feeling that is so hard to describe. It was like I was excited for my daughter. It was the most beautiful feeling. I was overcome with peace. Very cool.

I'm so sorry for your friend. I will keep her in my prayers.