Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hop hop hop

Book Blogger Hop

This week we are supposed to highlight blogs we love. Well there are just so many! I recently spotlighted Indigo Impression a sweet blogger who really ought to post more often, and MaryBennett who is a favorite for her writing and reviews. I often mention Happy Hearts at Home who is a favorite for all her useful links and information, especially about homeschooling on a budget. Other favorites, far from a complete list and in no particular order:
Moderate Means: Budget tips, frugal living, living with diabetes, etc.
Catholic Mothers Online: A blog where you can meet other Catholic Mothers who blog. I write for this blog, my first post will be appearing at the end of the month.
The House on Lavender Hill: Someone I know in real life, who has a beautiful family, can always make me laugh, and who has a lovely home which is highlighted on her blog.
Pen and Paper: A very funny Brit, who has a witty blog, and never ceases to entertain, amuse and surprise.
Living It Up in Bankrupt California:A very talented artist and blogger, married to another very talented artist, with a couple of beautiful girls!
Free Spirit Haven: A real prayer warrior who is a bargain hunter as well!
Crochet Me Crazy: Someone who is talented in all areas of her life. I really admire this blogger!
Brocante Home: A blog I have followed for years for everything housekeeping and lovely!


Bev Hankins said...

Stopping by on the Hop. Happy Weekend!

Summerysmile said...

Thank you for your compliment, Lily! I enjoyed stopping by some of the other blogs you've lists as well. So glad things are working out for you now! :)

bibliophiliac said...

Hi Lily, I'm stopping by on the hop. I read your blog all the time, even if I don't comment. I'm so happy for your family -- your recent good news must come as such a relief. All the best, and have a great weekend!

24/7 said...

Hi Lily! I am now following you as well! I wanted to know if you had any suggestions for books or recipes for my blog?
Just leave a comment on my blog on some post lol. I'll find it!

gena said...

Fun post - I follow Mary and Brocante Homes too, but now I'll be checking out the others !

hugs from Lavender Hill !


Angela said...

Thanks for the shout out girl..((hugs))

Deepali said...

Hi Lily,
Thanks for coming by my blog about ebooks, glad you liked it :)
Wishing you and your husband a happy and prosperous life, Very happy to hear about your husband's new job and the recent good fortune.
e-Volving Books

Black Disaster Fairy said...

I'm doing a bit of late hopping. Better late then never. :)

Happy Reading!

Black Disaster Fairy