Friday, September 24, 2010

fearless friday

Today I am praying for all students everywhere. These first few weeks of the new school year are always a time of adjustment.

Praying for Sweet Mary, and my friend Jen, and all others with health concerns.

Praying for the G family as they start to settle back into a life without their baby Mary Katherine.

Praying for the jobless, and for Angie's family.

Praying for the government officials who could do so much if they put their priorities in the right place.

Thanking God for my husband's job, I do not ever think I will take employment for granted again.

Thanking God for the health of my family.

Thanking God for my home, that we could keep it.

Praising God for this beautiful day.

Praising God for my friends.

Praising God for my beautiful children who bring me joy every single day of my life.

Please join in the prayers. This post is linked to Fearless Friday and Sweet Peas


Anonymous said...

Joining you, Angie, and all the prayer warriors on this Fearless Friday. Thank you for sharing this.


24/7 said...

Hi Lily!!

Just wanted to say, I joined your Blog Hop :)

Have a great weekend!


Angela said...

Praising and praying also dear sis...this journey my family and I have been on has definitely taught me SO much..they say the 'school of suffering' equips us to be scholars...hmmmmmmm....I do KNOW that through these storms, even though they have been HUGE...God has been BIGGERRRRRRRRRRR!!! I shared with Randy awhile back..'Randy, we have seen God's hand move in our lives more than ever before'....Love ya girl

Mary Bennett said...

I am still soo thrilled that your dh has a job!!! I know, since our little adventure, I won't take my dh's employment for granted.

Dr for me on the first.

Denise said...

Praying with you.

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Adding my prayers to all your intentions.

Peggy said...

Praising, praying & thanking Him with You!