Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Table Talk: Getting to Know You

Cmash Loves to Read”=

Below are my three tidbits of conversation to get things rolling. Answer in the comments to keep the conversation rolling, and then, link up and start a conversation on your blog. To link up, click on the button above! Have fun, the entire purpose is to get to know you better :)

1. I am currently STILL trying to organize my five students for school. We had intended to start yesterday, but that shall be pushed back to next Monday at the latest. Why am I so far behind? Well, I have 10 bookcases of materials just for school, as well as various odd piles of materials scattered in a couple of random places. After homeschooling six children for 14 years (Oldest is in college now) I have accumulated a lot of curriculum and manipulatives. Therefore, I decided this year, to PURGE AND ORGANIZE first. No matter how long it took. Then, we are implementing a new organizational system that is taking time to set up, but will be totally worth it in the end (workboxes). Did you have a big project this year?

2. I love audio books because I can pursue my other hobbies while listening. I also use them extensively in my homeschool program. Interesting audios, when used as a read-alongs, have been the turning point for some of my reluctant readers!! Do you listen to audio books?

3. Some of the hobbies I like to pursue while listening to my audio books are: Crocheting, cross stitich, sewing and all sorts of crafts. I am hoping, with my new organizational system for school, to get back to both listening to audio books and crafting again. What hobbies do you pursue?

Looking forward to your answers, and feel free to join me :)


CMash said...

1. I did have a Fall project planned but due to the complications from the surgeries in April, I have to postpone it, which is frustrating me.
2. I have never listened to an audio but since becoming part of the book blogging community, I think that once my physical restrictions are lifted and can do household chores, will listen while I clean.
3. What a great idea to multitask hobbies. Love to crochet, xstitch and wish I could knit but just can't seem to catch on.
Nice seeing you again this week, hope we meet again next week and catch up!!

Jeanne C. said...

I try not to set goals/projects for myself... a fall project always turns into my winter project, which then turns into my spring project, which inevitably turns into my summer project. :( LOL!

I cannot do any crafty type things, i.e. knitting, crocheting, etc. I DO make my own bookmarks... does that count?

I'm not a big audiobook fan. I find my mind wanders and then I miss stuff that was said. :(

Anonymous said...

10 bookcases??? Wow!! Your students sure shouldn't get bored!

I love audio books too. They're great for walking on the treadmill or biking.

I'm not crafty at all. I once made a skirt in home ec and my mom had to fix it before I could wear it. Funny thing is, my mom could sew, knit, crochet and do anything crafty. My sisters were crafty too.

Violette said...

1. 10 bookcases. Wow, I only have 8.

2. I have never listened to an audiobook but have thought about trying one out. I do a lot of handwork and I could multitask my reading and quilting.

3. I have so many hobbies that I don't have time to work. I am primarily a quilter but also weave, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, photography and colored pencil drawing.

CMash said...

Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you.

....Petty Witter said...

Not common here in England, I'm fascinated by the whole concept of home schooling. An ex-teaching assistant in a primary school I can see the benefits of being taught within a school setting but can totally understand/appreciate why it isn't for all children.

I just can't settle to listen to an audio book and yet I'll quite happily sit for hours with a book in my hands. Perhaps thats because I can hear the voices of the characters in my head and don't like to hear them spoken by the person reading the book.

Lily said...

Hi Petty!
I tried the school system with my 3 youngest, for age 6/7 when I had my mother fall ill with cancer. I always bring them home for grade 2. Age 8. With my youngest she didn't even make it through the first year, there were learning issues she was having which just were not being addressed, and the poor thing came home in tears most days.

For audio books, I think I will write a posting about them. I have been asked too many times why I love them and I think it merits a post of its own in response :).
Thankks for stopping by! Love your blog.

Wanda said...

As much as I love to read, I just can't seem to get into a audiobook. Nothing like holding one in my hand but it would allow me to get more done, if I didn't have to sit down to read it.