Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spotlight Saturday

Between the Lines

This week I have chosen to highlight a new-to-me blog: Sacrificial Diet.

This blog is written by Angela, who also writes Free Spirit Haven, the blog that sponsors "Fearless Friday."

Angela has gone from (I think) 245 lbs, down to 110 lbs. But she has done so without dieting, but by utilising the tools given to us through the Catholic Church, tools often forgotten. She has utilized, prayer, fasting, and sacrifice.

Fasting is something I believe in, something I have been able to do, successfully. But I have never applied it to lose weight. I have used it for many other goals, but not for weight loss. DUH! Light bulb moment here. Fasting through prayer, sacrifice, penance, to lose weight. Through regular, disciplined (not willy-nilly) fasting, Angela has acheived a tremendous weight loss, and improvement in her health and emotional/spiritual well-being.

One of the things I just love about Angela is the fact that she tells it like it is. If it is on her mind, in her heart, she shares it on her blogs. She doesn't hide, she shares her struggles, and you can comiserate and draw strength from it. You know you aren't alone.

Go to her blog, leave her comments, learn from her triumph over food. She is an inspiration, and she has done it while staying true to herself, putting God first. How awesome is that?


Angela said...

Well first off, thanks for the spotlight girl...All glory and honor to You, my Redeemer King!! He increases, I decrease. More of Him, less of me (my will and my wants)...

I would love to say I'm 110 The goal is 117lbs..I've been released from 110 lbs,,and still counting. I stopped weighing myself at 250...I do believe I weighed once after that and it hit biggest. I'm about 142 now since the last time I weighed myself (no scales in the house anymore, God broke them because I was too obsessive,,lol).

We do have an amazing gift from our Church...It all started for me Feb. 3,2008, the beginning of Lent that I began the journey of fasting two meals a day, sacrificing unto the Lord...

God IS good all the time....All the time, God IS good!

Lily said...

Well you look so fantastic, I thought that was the weight you were already at! Sorry for the confusion!! But wow, that is 100 lbs! AWESOME, amazing, and hard-earned. Congratulations!

Pia said...

angela is one prayer warrior. i thank God for her life and the inspiration she is to so many people.

lily, thank you for praying for lanie and her family too. God bless you always.

Beth said...

I'm your newest follower! You can find me at

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Great blog!
I just found your blog on a Saturday Blog Hop! Have a wonderful weekend!

Amanda @

Anonymous said...

I am a happy new follower.
I found you at the hop.
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