Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Fun!

The Oldest came home with her special guy, and so we did something fun!

Look at our all-black-halloweenie-cat looking at those Jack-o-lanterns! The Big Guy thought it would be funny to make a victimized and puking pumpkin, hence the knife sticking out on top.

L to R, top row: The Big Guy, Boo (we think this looks like a transformer), Tiger.

It is a bit early for carving the pumpkins, but we may not get The Oldest here again before the end of the month, so we went ahead and carved.

This lovely pie was made by Tiger and Hubbins using the recipe The Oldest developed herself. I heard a rumor that the Big Guy helped with peeling the apples, which were picked off our tree. They made this pie while I was at work Saturday morning. For dinner we had chicken marsala, ravioli, green beans almondine, and one of my vegetarian's (The Oldest) favorite veggies, rutabaga.

Other things the kids did when their sister came home: They all rode their bikes to a local cemetary, over 200 years old, to see the tombstones for The Oldest's anthropology assignment. It seems she needs to collect data from headstones of graves over 100 years old. She is to measure, take photos, note the art work, and make observations. All of this data will be shared with the anthropology students in her class, and then they will all be writing term papers where they will discuss how views of the afterlife have changed in the US. Interesting.

While on the bike ride they stopped at a creek and Bananas, our resident naturalist, demonstrated her advanced frog catching skills. They came back with all sorts of stories about the changes in the creek since the rain of last week. The Oldest brought her a specimen box with gadgets. She absolutely had to try them all out! I think the Oldest and the City Boy were impressed with her skills!

Here she is, eyeing her catch:

She got it, on the first try!

Ick and eww, but what fun for a kid!


Jill said...

Ymmm, the pie looks delicious, and those pumpkins really put me in the mood. Need to get those Fall decorations out.

Kelly Mac said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful family. I'm glad you could have such a nice visit with your daughter. The pumpkins are great and give me ideas for an upcoming pumpkin contest we're supposed to be in. Thanks for sharing!