Monday, October 18, 2010

Unplanned break

What a crazy week that was! Last week was so crazy I did not even get any posts up, not even for Fearless Friday!

The Oldest needed some scholarship papers filled out, I had some personal papers to gather and file, a class I had to take, company to entertain, my outside jobs to do, homeschooling, my classes, multiple places to run with the children, and a little one who has had a bit of a health crisis. In the midst of last week, this....

...which is exactly the pot I have, and creates the coffee from heaven (I am absolutely certain God has a French press)...

...made me feel like this:

when this happened:

So, how did I deal with this unplanned break? I took to my bed and dealt with the flutterings of my poor nerves.

Don't I wish I could be Mrs. Bennett for a day and indulge my poor nerves?

Instead, I consumed camp coffee while I handled all of my real-life stress. Not the least of which is my broken coffee press. Sadly, as hubbins has only gotten one pay check, this is not in the budget to replace just yet. Maybe next week.

Sooo, if I want coffee with the family, we have camp coffee. And my son is getting fairly good at making this concoction. While it pales in comparison to my press, it is consumable and it will keep my veins pumping with their daily dose of caffeine!

And in case you would like to try camp coffee too (insert snickering sounds):


You think the cowboys look like that because of their hard life on the trail. Well, I am here to tell you, it is because of their coffee! Click on the photo to go to anyjazz65, the flicker user who took the photo.

Method: Remove boiling water from heat and add ground coffee. Let sit until grounds sink to the bottom, then carefully scoop out coffee with a dipper and pour in your cup. A steady hand can keep from stirring up the grounds, which I can assure you - you do NOT want in your cup. Variations: adding a spot of cold fresh water to the sitting pot helps the grinds sink faster, as does tapping the side of the pot with a spoon.

Taste: Pretty good, considering the low-tech brewing method.

Pros: A good method for serving multiple people at once, if you have a large enough saucepan or kettle.

Cons: Long wait time for the grounds to sink. Messy to clean up. Very easy to get a mouthful of grounds. There's also a lot of wasted coffee in the bottom of the pot.

And, just so you do not feel too badly for me, my son did find in the recesses of the cabinet, a long ago forgotten single cup press. If I get really desperate for coffee during the day, he makes me a cup at a time!! He is a good boy.


Emma B. said...

Thanks for following me at Ready 2 Get Healthy! I am now following back :) Have a great week!

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A Mommy's Joy said...

Thanks for following me! This post of yours cracks me up! lol You can tell you need your caffeine. lol I also have this recipe, if you can call it that, from my husband. He used it in boyscout camp quite often.

Turning the Clock Back said...

we broke our french press too! Those things are too delicate! We bought a jet boil to take camping with us and a litte teapot!

Thanks for visiting on monday, I am following your blog!

Dont forget to come back all week from Nov. 7th through the 14th for a week of ecofriendly holiday giveaways!

Turning the Clock Back

Webster said...

Hi, I just popped over from Mary Bennett's blog where I was checking out her award recipients. Pardon the intrusion. (ahem)

We broke our French Press carafe, but luckily Fred Meyer's had replacements which were cheaper than the whole thing. Even so, when you make your Cowboy coffee, instead of dipping it out of the pot, why not strain it into another vessel through a sieve lined with a paper towel or a napkin? That would catch all the grounds and eliminate the waste at the bottom of the pot.

Barbara Jean said...

too funny. Ours just like that broke a while back too. Did not bother me a bit!
(I don't drink coffee) =)
My sweet fella wen right out and got another. (surprising what you can find at Goodwill)


barbara jean