Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Frog

Well, after nearly abandoning my blog for a year, my friend Mary Bennett encouraged me to pick it back up again. I figured if I'm going to go full out and get back into blogging again, I would try to regain my lost readership and then some so I joined Blog Frog. It's all new and I'm a bit lost, but it has been fun trying to figure it all out. Of course now I'm spending a disproportionate amount of time on my blog, behind the scenes, but I am optimistic that will even out.

One of the problems I created for myself was I signed up for BlogFrog with my wrong email address. Well, actually it is a right email address, just not the same one I use for blogger :/. Apparently Blog Frog will verify the blogger before allowing comments or allowing your picture to show up in visitors, so now I have a real muddle. Truth be told I've been trying to streamline my email accounts and really prefer to use the Blog Frog email for blogger too. The latest snafu is I figured out how to get my blog accessible to both email accounts, but now I'm listed as two authors instead of one! Bring on the caffeine!!

I am trying to get all of this sorted out so blogger and Blog Frog match because Blog Frog has some wonderful features I would like to utilize. I think the recent visitors and community widgets are really neat. Therefore I've decided to go ahead and change my blog over to the email address I wanted, the one which matches Blog Frog and then I think my difficulties will be resolved. So, if you find Lily disappearing and reappearing from your fans, followers, blogrolls, or whatever, now you know why.

Moral of the story. Blog Frog, Blogger, Twitter and all those other widgets, tools, etc. are great fun, but only if you sign up properly, with the right email address!!

Meanwhile, I hope you stick with me through all the administrative fixes I have ahead! And sign up for Blog Frog and get in on the fun!!


Lily said...

Well, I think I finally fixed it, so you should not have me following your blogs twice, only once. Sorry for any confusion this administrative task caused.

Mary Bennett said...

LOL!!! Can you hear me from there? Because I might be yelling for help, since you've already been there, done that. BTW, have you checked out Frugal Hacks (link is on my blog) and Makes My Mondays (the link worked for me, try it again?)
Might be a help to you.

Lily said...

Oh, do you need to change an email address or are you trying to do blog frog?

Thanks for the information, Mary. I will indeed try that link again. Boy, I really got things all muddled up this weekend. I haven't even gotten any studying done. Oh, and I meant to make your name a link, so I'm going in now to fix that.