Saturday, May 29, 2010


Tomorrow I think I will travel with my oldest, lovely daughter, back to her apartment. Since it is memorial day weekend, I do not want her driving alone; it is a long trip, about 3 hours. I'm planning to help her clean up and search for something she lost, probably within the recesses of her ultra-large-and-I'm-so-jealous-of-it closet. Of course, how much of this actually gets accomplished depends upon what time we set out in her car, as I will be on a schedule for the return trip home.
I will be taking the Megabus back. It is soo convenient. If you need to travel and can take the Megabus, I highly recommend it. The rates can be dirt cheap, there is free WiFi, lavatory on the bus, air conditioning. Can't be beat. Well, actually I prefer train travel, but the trains do not have free WiFi yet, and they are much more expensive!! For this trip, the locations of the stops on both ends are super convenient, so it is a no-brainer. To take the train requires traveling 40 minutes to the train station, then changing trains at least once, maybe twice. The bus stop is only 15 minutes from her apartment, and there are no stops, no transfers, therefore it is much faster. On my end, the bus stop is at the train station, same distance for hubby to pick me up. Easy peasy.
She is a brilliant college student!! Her grades for this spring semester were just posted and she has a 3.91! I'm so proud! I think she gets her brains from me. ;-) I swiped this picture of her from her blog. She took it herself and I thought it was cute!
I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.


Literary Feline said...

I hope you have a safe trip, Lily, and enjoy the time with your daughter.

The Megabus sounds like a great way to travel!

Have a great weekend!

Mary Bennett said...

Wow, I had never heard of the Megabus. I wonder if there are nay around here? Three hours is a long, long drive. I admire her moxy!

Lily said...

Oh, Mary, go check out the website, It doesn't go everywhere but it does go a good many places. If you can hook up to it, the prices are well worth it. Mr. Thorns tells me that it is cheaper for me to take the bus than to fill the car with gas and drive these days. Not to mention the exhaustion I feel when I drive that far. I've done down and back in a day and it is exhausting!

Lily said...

Thank you, Literary Feline, I hope you have a nice holiday weekend too! Thanks for stopping by!!