Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lady Gaga Calls Greyson Michael Chance on 'Ellen'

I saw the original video on FB, several of my friends had it up. Then this morning I came across this story on the AOL newsfeed. How cute is this kid? He is obviously extremely talented, imagine when he has some formal training what he will be able to do. He has never had any voice lessons at all! This is someone to watch! With his talent and composure, his cutie pie looks will take him far!! Good luck, Greyson!
Lady Gaga Calls Greyson Michael Chance on 'Ellen'

A remarkably levelheaded, smiling Greyson Michael Chance visited Ellen DeGeneres' talk show today and got a surprise phone call from Lady Gaga herself, who inspired his now-classic YouTube cover of 'Paparazzi.'

"Hi, Miss Gaga," answered the beaming 12-year-old.


Mary Bennett said...

I loved it. I think I was one of the first , in my circle anyway, to put it up.

Lily said...

That's where I saw it! Didn't you just love how he called her, "Miss Gaga" :)