Thursday, May 27, 2010

Overheard at the Thorns house today...

My six year old, Missy, asked me when her birthday was (she has difficulty remembering certain things). She said, "I remember it is September, but what day?" I told her the 22nd. "What year was I boren?" (LOL, it is so adorable when children mispronounce words!) 2003, I answered her. "Whoa, 2003? I was boren in 2003?" I know, I told her, you are getting so old!! She goes running off to the other room and I hear, "Hey Daddy, I was boren in 2003! And look at me, I'm getting so old! Pretty soon, I'm gonna need a cane!" LOL, not exactly what I was thinking when I told her she was getting so old, perhaps I should have said 'big.'
In other news, my oldest is coming home for the weekend! Hooray :) I can't wait!

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Mary Bennett said...

I bet you can't wait! Have a wonderful weekend!