Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rosary Making

A hobby of mine for the last 15 or so years is rosary making, like the colorful ones pictured. I did not make these, mine are usually a single color for the HM beads with a contrasting color for the OF beads. In the past I've made a rosary a day during lent, etc. I learned how to make them from one of Our Lady's Rosary Makers, there was a local guild in the town where I was living at the time. I wanted to make them to teach children. Over the years I've taught many children how to make them. I wanted the children to know it could be done and how to do it. I figured it would encourage prayer, creativity and generosity as OLRM will only sell to people who donate the rosaries. I've never sent mine overseas, but give them away closer to home. Mainly my mission has been to teach young adults to reach out to others through this skill. Someday I hope to start a guild.

The second type of rosary pictured is what I will work on next, a bead-less, knotted rosary with a crucifix. What brought me to this site was the free MP3 download of audio rosaries. There have been many times in the past where I've wished for one as I like to listen to my MP3 often, usually when my hands are occupied. It occurred to me if I could find a nice version (or preferably several to choose from depending upon my available time and my mood) I could pray the rosary while my hands were occupied, therefore the audio would keep count for me and I could concentrate on the prayers while multi-tasking. I'm delighted to have found this site and I'm always looking for others so if you find an audio rosary or audio prayers available for MP3 download, please pass it on!!

And if you are looking for something to do in your free time, or for an excellent service project, consider rosary making for the missions. Jails are a mission that should not be overlooked in rosary making as well. Last I heard they prefer all black (cord, beads and crucifix) so there is no cause for argument amongst the inmates.


Mary Bennett said...

I made cord rosaries in the 80's. I started making chain rosaries in 1997. It is very satisfying, though now that China has flooded the market ...... What else is new??

Lily said...

Aren't the Chinese imports for sale though? These are for donation! It is about as relaxing for me as crocheting. It is more repetitive, however, leaving the mind free to pursue other thoughts, like praying while working, or listening to music, or listening to an audio book, or watching a movie, or watching the kids play. Sorry, got off topic there, lol. I just love tasks that keep the hands busy and the mind free :)