Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Green" and Recyclable Wedding Fashion

I cannot imagine being comfortable in a gown made of plastic...imagine the sweat that would roll down your back, nervous as all brides are already. Not to mention the 'popping' sound as you walk down the aisle (mentioned by the bride herself) and the popping as you sat to enjoy your meal? Might someone perceive flatulence over bubble wrap? After all if you are going to wear bubble wrap, you do not necessarily want it to look like bubble wrap, so perhaps someone may not realize you were being eco-friendly and may just think the nerves and the pre-wedding diet were catching up to you? Article about the wedding, here.

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Alexandra said...

Whoa! I wouldn't want to sit down on these. giggle. It looks nice from a distance, but...I think I'd try getting a thrifted dress(recycling cloth) before I'd raid the recycling bin. ;)